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ASTRO's 2017 Radiation Oncology Portfolio Analysis

ASTRO has been working hard to better understand the research funding landscape for radiation oncology researchers. To that end, we recently performed a thorough portfolio analysis, and are excited to share the results with you.

ASTRO's Recommended Minimum Data Elements for Radiation Oncology

ASTRO has determined that defining a minimum set of data elements for radiation therapy is high priority activity. To that end, ASTRO has generated a short list of data elements to facilitate the myriad of use cases as well as define the minimum radiation oncology relevant data that should be included in all scenarios. 

ASTRO Think Tanks—Call for Topics

Is there a cutting edge topic in radiation oncology that the field should begin discussing? ASTRO Think Tanks may be a good format to start the discussion. These Think Tanks are one-day meetings held at the ASTRO Headquarters in Arlington, Va. If you have a topic that you think may fit this format, submit a short proposal.

Research on the ASTRO Blog

What do radiation oncologists who attended the ASTRO Annual Meeting think is the most important research question that must be answered in the next three to five years? Check out the responses.

ASTRO's 2018 Research Agenda

Curing cancer and maintaining high quality of life for patients with cancer are the foremost goals of those in radiation oncology. Research in radiation oncology improvements in technology and therapy that have led to improved outcomes and patient care and a reduction in toxicity and detrimental side effects. 

Because there are still many unanswered questions, ASTRO has outlined six key areas of research of interest for the radiation oncology field.

 2018ResearchPriorities PNG

Big Data Analytics and Bioinformatics
Patient Reported Outcomes and Health Services Research
Normal Tissue Effects and Reducing Side Effects
Imaging and Innovative Technologies
Genomic Influences and Targeted Therapies
Immunotherapy, Tumor Microenvironment and Combination Therapies
ASTRO Workshops ASTRO hosts several workshops aimed at radiation oncology researchers throughout the year. These workshops focus on a wide range of research and career development topics.
Funding Opportunities ASTRO supports cancer research through early career development awards. 
Professional Development Advancing the careers of our members is central to ASTRO's mission. Learn more about opportunities to mentor early to mid-career scientists, to be mentored by more senior members and how to participate in grant review study sections.

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