Patient Education

  • ASTRO has created numerous resources for members and their practices. If you would have any questions about these resources or would like resources created, please contact the communications department.

    ASTRO has created a two minute segment which will be airing on Southwest airlines during the months of August and September! View the video below.


  • RTAnswers.orgASTRO’s patient website provides patients and caregivers detailed information about radiation therapy as a treatment for cancer. Videos and resources cover what to expect before, during and after treatment; side effects; questions to ask about radiation safety. In addition, ‘Find a Radiation Oncologist,’ allows patients and referring physicians to locate radiation oncologists in their area.
    Patient VideosASTRO has created a series of videos to help patients better understand what to expect when receiving radiation therapy for cancer.
    Patient BrochuresASTRO created brochures to help people diagnosed with cancer and their families learn more about the treatment options available.
    Radiation Therapy PresentationsASTRO has created two PowerPoint presentations for members to use as a resource for presentations to health care professionals and the general public
    How To VideosASTRO has created a video on how to create a Twitter account and what you need to do to follow us on Twitter.
    Additional ResourcesASTRO has gathered additional resources to help members educate the public about radiation therapy as a treatment for cancer and other diseases.