Patient Care and Research

  • ASTRO's commitment to improving patient care and safety can be seen through many of our initiatives. Clinical practice tools, such as guidelines and white papers, products to ensure patient safety, like APEx, RO-ILS and IHE-RO and research support opportunities are all professional tools created to assist with patient care.

    Additionally, ASTRO has created educational materials such as brochures, videos and PowerPoints to enable our members and referring physicians explain radiation therapy to patients while assisting them in their treatment decisions.

  • Clinical Practice StatementsASTRO is committed to improving patient care and safety and has dedicated significant resources to the development of clinical practice tools to aid in the achievement of these goals.
    White PapersAs a part of its Target Safely campaign, ASTRO created a series of quality assurance and safety white papers to investigate and develop modern risk-based and process-focused quality assurance methods for radiotherapy treatment.
    Patient SafetyPatient safety is of the utmost concern to radiation oncologists and safety considerations are woven into all aspects of clinical practice.
    ResearchASTRO is committed to increasing participation in research in radiation oncology through the support of students, residents and early to mature career professionals.
    Patient EducationASTRO has created numerous resources for members and their practices. These can be used with the general public or referring physicians.